The Pub 2003-2007
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1. We converted the old commercial building into an English Pub, an exact copy of the Lakeside Inn in Southport England, one of Rod's old haunts. This made us bussy for the next 5 years so little updating has been done to this web page blog.
2. We Opened April 4 2003 and waited for the customers to come.
3. Over the next 4 years we had our highs and our low's. Merry ran the kitchen and I ran front of house [by our selves 99% of the time].
4. Some days we only had a small trikle of customers, others we were slammed. A lot of work but we loved it.
5. We had singers. This is Joan Moss.
6. Dave Hooper.
7. whats his name.
8. The band. They did not rearly have a name and mainly used the opertunity to jam and practice to jell their sound. Allwasy too lold for our liking, but they had a small following.
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