Fall 2002
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1. We purchaed the old Lakewood Resort on Soda Bay Rd in Kelseyville in October 2002 which consists of a gutted bar and restaurant and a 24 space mobile home park.
2. Merry pulled up the old cracked kitchen tiles by hand.
3. A lot of nail breaking work.
4. We had to smash up several deralict trailers.
5. They were so bad they could not be pulled away down the road.
6. We were blessed with a very large flock of pelicans.
7. Several hundred swam by each day that October, herding the small fish into the shore.
8. The laundry room needed completely remodeling.
9. Including new washer and dryer and lights.
10. We remodeled the downstairs apartment first.
11. We had to strip off the drywall, rewire, new insulation, the works.
12. And remodel the kitchen.
13. The downstirs rooms wre ready to remodel to Bed and Breakfast rooms.
14. We moved our trailer there as a temporary office.
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