Spring 2002
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1. Rod was on a walk in what we call 'the forest' ( a California Live Oak tree studded area next to our home) when he almost tripped on these two little tiny new-born deer. Our guess is they were only a couple of days old and no mother in site. We were careful NOT to get too close, less our scent should cause the mother to abandon them. This little one had his eyes open but did not move.
2. The second little deer was fast asleep a few feet away from the first, perhaps they lay just where they were 'dropped'. They were dry and oh so cute.
3. This photo, with my leg in it is just to give you an idea of how small they were. We checked the area a couple hours later and one had gone, presumable the mother had come to get it and by morning the other was also moved. We will be watching for them when they are a little older and brought to the pond for fresh grasses. We have seen another doe who is expecting, so there may be more little 'bambies' in our area soon.
4. Two weeks later. We are not 'dot experts' but are reasonably sure these are the same two little ones that Rod spotted a couple weeks ago in the forest. They now come to the grass around the pond to graze. We keep this area very well watered in order to have place for the wildlife.

I had quite an experience in the garden today, no camera handy, I was watering my sad vegetable area and had a humming bird come within 2 feet of my face...looking for water I assume. He looked at me and took off, but returned one more time - I did not have the hose on soft spray so I could not give him a shower....

5. As you see both of these shots were taken through the sliding glass doors of our 'screen room', perhaps later in the year we will be able to get close-up shots of them outside without chairs and window in the way. There were two larger deer with them, one the mother and we think the other the offspring from last season. Deer have one their first year and then twins each year after that....now, you learned something new today!
6. Ah, this is another dear who graces 7803. Taken on June 13, 2002, this should be titled "The Promoted" since its a promotion from 8th into High School its not really a 'graduation'; but the ceremony that was held was very nice indeed and there were about 160+ students who are now considered High School Freshman...from the top of the totem pole to the bottom in one quick minute. Doesn't he look nice in his white shirt and tie....someone chided him that it was the first time he had worn a white shirt and tie and he was quick, oh so quick to remind them that he wore that to school for a year and a half in England!!!!! (think he even said it proudly)
7. This arch was for all the students, two by two (selected by lottery) to march thru on their way up to the platform. I do not know the girls name, nor is she (at least right now) someone special.
8. Farther up the isle towards the stands.
9. Each student had his moment of glory, standing alone center stage as their name was read and they then received their certificate. Rod took a picture of the actual moment of receipt, but alas, it was very blurry and there was a professional photographer there taking those at closer range, so when that arrives we will add it to the rest. You can see some of the rest of the class behind him.
10. shots of the after-crowd. Friends of Jon's.
11. shots of the after-crowd. Friends of Jon's.
12. is we three. Not often we get into a photo with him these days and it was one of many proud days for us!
13. I [Rod] have been standing watch on an 82 foot Coast Guard Cutter in San Francisco. After the September 11 attacks, the Coast Guard is overstretched to handle the additional security duties. They rushed several Auxilerist's including myself through a short but intensive training so I can stand watch on the cutter and ease the burden on the active duty personnel.

I have been standing a 24 hours watch almost once per week for the past few months as a volunteer. It is very rewarding for me.

14. Here I am below on my watch as Inport Officer of the Deck, but I act as crew when the vessel is out on patrol.
15. Lakewood Pub.
16. Rod out on patrol on his Coast Guard Auxiliary Patrol boat on Clear Lake.
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