Fall 2001
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1. After a long layup in the barn where it has been stored since our move from LA, we finally got the pool table set up again in the family room. We had to move some furnature around to squeeze it in. It is a solid oak custom made Brunswick. It was going to cost over $200 to have a service come in and do the set up to make sure the slates were set correctly and level, but with a little research on the net, I was able to do it myself and I am very happy with it.
2. Merry is playing pool here.
3. Blank
4. Jonathn Played [American] football this year and did very well. He played running back, kicker and defencsive sefety. He made several touch-downs.
5. He is 14 but look so grown up with all his padding and uniform.
6. Here Jonathan is at practice.
7. This is the bell team playing at the LDS church in front of over 500 people playing our christmas program. Yes that is me [Rod] directing.
8. This is a nice closeup [taken by Lien]
9. Here Merry is playing her solo, "Mary did you know" actually I think of it as a duet. She sings and accompanies herself with the bells.
10. Jonathans best sport is track. This year he ran in the 400 and 800 meters for the school and is undefeated.
11. Just part way around the track and he is already way out front.
12. He finishes so fast he is just a blur.
13. He has coutless first place ribbons.
14. This is the bell team playing in Lakeport for a woman's group Christmas luncheon. Merry is at the front left and I [Rod] am conducting.
15. The snow had fallen when we got up on January 28. This is unusual for California.
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