The Lloyd Family in England 2000

This is Jonathan in his new school uniform, ready for school.   Jonathan is 13, attending Stanley High School, year 9

The expression on his face about says it all.  But he sure looked good in his "Marks and Sparks" blazer.  There was much "I won't wear that" and similar statements but after the first day of school his comment was somthing to the effect of 'its not bad'.    THAT is good enough for us!  he is of course not yet into the full swing of accedemics, but one day at a time will do just fine. If you compare this photo with Lien's you can see that Jon has grown, must be the rain !!, and is nearly a head taller than Lien right now.

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lien.jpg (69896 bytes) This is Lien in her new school uniform, ready for school.  Lien is just 11, and is attending Moels Cop High School which just happens to be the High School that her Dad attended a few years back.   As many of you know our little Lien's middle name is "Sarah Bernhardt" which says it all of course.  Well, on her first day of school she was so quiet I had to look to see if she was still breathing at times.  It was stark terror we are sure: new school and nearly 200 brand new year 7 youngsters in full uniform and none of them even knew who she was.  But of course all that changed by the end of day One...and she has now even taken public transport to and fro on her own.  Well, there was a phone call from her that she had missed the bus, but we sent her scurrying back to the bus stop and the next bus of course did arrive and so did she, safely home.
This is Caroline in her new school uniform, ready for school.   Caroline is also 11. Attending Presfield School, a school for children with mild learning disabilities, year 7.  Caroline had the advantage of a pre-school-start tour and though the thought of High School had her on edge she actually came home on day two looking forward to the start of homework the following week.  Now that it has begun I think she might be a bit sorry she said that, spelling is after all, still spelling!   But she is very enthusiastic about her new school and I am sure she will do just fine.  How can she miss with a total of 7 pupils in her homeroom class?

  This means that at least for now, all of our children are in High School....makes us feel a little older but of course in their eyes not much wiser!!

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wpeF.jpg (44327 bytes) Here merry is showing Gran [my mother aged 86] the laptop computer, messages coming in from the US.
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