The Lloyd Family in England 2000
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updated 10/23/00

wpe27.jpg (36228 bytes) The best Football club [soccer] in the world is Manchester United.  I was a season ticket holder for the 10 years prior to me emigrating to the US.  The stadium is quiet different these days, very modern and very commercial.
The supporters are very passionate.  Modern crowd control includes mounted police who are very effective  controlling large crowds. It also gives the security of  a better [higher] vantage point to spot trouble brewing. 

Crowd problems are rare these days because of the use of TV cameras everywhere and the police also have radios.

wpe28.jpg (29676 bytes)
wpe29.jpg (43696 bytes) United shows it wealth with its new glass-fronted stand.  Inside includes a safeway size souvenir shop, restaurants etc.  The club has its own TV station and dedicated channels.

You can buy a cellular phone that constantly updates the supporter on the latest team news and of course the latest score if you can not get a ticket to the game.

It is the largest seating capacity of any team in the United Kingdom at over 67,000 and every game is sold out weeks in advance.  I was lucky enough to get these great seats thought the USA branch of the supports club which I have belonged to for many years. wpe2A.jpg (53276 bytes)
wpe2B.jpg (67119 bytes) The stadium is almost full 15 minutes before kickoff.
These seats are very close to where the players enter the field.  A rare close-up view of the players and staff. wpe2C.jpg (59124 bytes)
wpe2D.jpg (45171 bytes) The game is under way.  United are playing  Bradford City.   The final score 6-0 to United.
The linesman is well positioned to judge this cross by Ryan Giggs to be a goal after a header from Teddy Sherringham.  United are top of the Premier League [yet again] wpe2E.jpg (39463 bytes)
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