The Pond 2001
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Updated May 29, 2001

A pond is never finished, it is a work in progress, but these pictures show the pond with the construction completed.
Looking from the left end, early morning.
The boat is a 1917 Monterey salmon fishing boat [retired]. It is actually next to the pond with the liner lapping up its side.
Marginal plants.
This is the automatic filler valve. It is a tank valve and contains a float valve inside.
This is the overflow pipe [3" ABS] to take away excess water during rainfall.
We collect rocks on our journey's but this squirrel is not real.
A nice shot of the boat and marginal plants which are all in pots.
Another fake squirrel in real rocks.
The lily's are just starting to flower but the buds close up completely at night.
Foxgloves are one of my favorites and the local deer do not eat them.
A view from the right end.
The Koi are coming up to feed.
We have 7 Koi, a couple dozen goldfish and a bunch of mosquito fish. We also have a zillion tadpoles.
More marginal plants.
Some shots look down from the porch roof.
I added "Microbe Lift" which are microbes to handle the algae and create a balanced eco system. No filtration system needed. The plants and fish cohabit in harmony [cross your fingers] The hoop contains water hyacinth. The hoop contains them so they do not get out of control.
The pond size is 60 ft by 25 ft and from two to three feet deep. It will contain 20,000 gallons of water filled from out well. We dug out 110 cubic yards of dirt.
A view from the boat [my favorite spot to watch the fish].
This lovely first reflection off the pond made the whole process well worth while and now we have some plants in it, some little tiny gold fish, which will grow, and more plants on the way. Now we are on a rock hunt. Each time we are in an area where there are rocks we have to stop and find one or two. We need large ones of course, so its not just 'grab a rock'. Its grunt and groan to get one into the car. I think we only have three so far, so if you have any old rocks around, just send them our way.
The water pump circulates the water mostly for decoration but does add some oxygen and filtration.
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