The Pond animals & Plants 2001
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Updated July 22, 2001

1. We have many visitors to our pond each day, and we are particularly fond of the deer who visit. There are two sets of twins and their moms plus many others both large and small and we have recently seen a buck with a very large rack, but he eluded the camera. This little one is one of the twins. We have been able to get quite close to them but doubt we will ever be able to pet them.
2. As I said, our visitors come in all sizes and this is of the smaller variety. I read somewhere recently that dragon flies only live for 24 hours, but we often have a large number that certainly seem to be here several days. Most of them are this lovely blue but on occasion we have had a lovely orange one as well. Still trying for a photo with open wings.
3. The lilies are probably our favorite vegetation in the pond and we have several color variations. They range from white to pink and another that I call an orange/pink. There does not seem to be one of those in the photos up so far. We also have another variety which came to us from Hawaii and is quite a small flower, on a long stem out of the water and the most lovely shade of blue. I think you will find a photo of that one further along.
4. The 'duck' seen in this photo is one of our favorites of the animal kingdom!!! He and his three companions who grace our pond are decoys: no mess, no fuss, no bother!!!!!
5. Here’s another shot of one of the twins. This one was on the far side of the pond. They will freeze when they see us and if we do not move its almost a staring contest. They do drink from the pond but come mostly for the fresh, well-watered (pun not intended) grass that we offer around the pond.
6. There you set of twins.
7. These are the lovely blue lilies that I spoke of earlier. As you can see they are quite small but so very lovely … seems to me there is a song about Blue Hawaii.
8. More lilies
9. Rod must have taken this shot, he was able to get closest to the deer so far.
10. These little squirrels are among our ‘statuesque’ friends. I love the reflections that nature makes in the pond; it is truly a relaxing experience to just sit at the side of the pond and enjoy the sights and sounds.
11. My big failing with flowers is I forget to water them in our busy life. No such problems with our water plants.
12. One of those sounds we enjoy is that of the pump seen in this photo. This old pump came from England probably 15 years ago, might have mentioned this early on on our ponding chatter, and we can hear it in our room during the night – well except when we have a power outage. It is really just for show tho I am sure its adds some oxygenation and circulation to the pond.
13. Another shot of one of our lovely lilies.
14. There are too many fish to count. there should be 9 Koi, 24 feeder goldfish and 2 fintails.
15. We have great fun feeding the fish as a family after dinner.
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