Family Reunion 2001
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Updated September 04, 2001

1 There are some things in life that are worth a very long wait. This photograph is one of them. While there is another from 1994, this one is equally as wonderful to me. Yes, me and all my children!!!! (except Rusty of course who watches from above!)
Sitting next to me, Patti, Laurel and Michele. Standing is Jonathan - you can see his head in the next photo. Seated on the ground from left to right: Caroline, Laura and Lien do I look happy or what?
2. The Lloyd family! With the Moes family dog, and yes the one with the hat is Rod
3. The Davies family! With the Moes family dog. I should mention that the background is NOT fake. It is our lovely pond and 1917 Monterey Hull fishing boat Rod built this pond after our return from 6 months in the UK in January of 2001.
4. The Sherry family - Moes family dog has escaped!
5. At last the Moes family dog AND the Moes family.
6. Last but not least Michele with her two younger sisters and three of her nieces.
And 7. THE WHOLE MISHPUCHA ( IF I ONLY KNEW HOW TO SPELL) That means the whole family of course.
8. Since this event took place in our home we could not resist the lure of the chimes. Since we had several children at the table we opted for the easier chimes to play instead of bells which need pads etc. It was quite amazing! The adults and many of the children knew how to read some music and within 15 minutes we were actually playing recognizable tunes!!! A real joy for Rod and I to have so many of the family at the table with us.
9. Just happened that Jonathans first football game was the weekend of the reunion which enabled the entire family to attend his first venture onto the grid. It was wonderful! He kicked and caught an interception, ran a long play, about 60 yards, and enjoyed every single hit - his own or others!!
9. The loyal fans
10. That's he..#88 ready to kick-off, the setter holding his hand up, Jon crouched ready to run at the ball
11. We also had the badminton net set up on the front lawn and this shows several of the clan with the birdies.
12. Michele with someone behind her adding 'rabbit' ears.
13, 14 I cannot see Lien in these photos with all the rest of the children, perhaps she was in front of the mirror
15,16,17 more photos of all nine children. It sure was fun to have them all here at once!!! The boys are of course Aaron seated next to Tina and Shawn on the ground.
19, 20 All my grandchildren!
And 21 with ME.
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