The Lloyd Family in England 2000
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Updated December 22, 2000

Thanksgiving Party.

Because we were away 'on the day' we held our Thanksgiving party on Saturday, November 25, 2000. And because we returned from a trip 'on the day' we held the party at our 'local'.

This is a pub called The Mount Pleasant Hotel, fondly known as the Mount and its just about around the corner from our flat.

The room you see is the conservatory, a very lovely glassed room, glass ceiling as well and lends itself very nicely to a private party.

Ah, now you see some familiar people. That's Caroline stuffing her face with 'starters' that were provided by two cousins, one of whom, Joyce, is next to Caroline. That's Jonathan's back you see in the chair.

We had one long table to seat the 18 of us and it was a very nice meal. Turkey of course with the trimmings. The meat was on the plates as they were served and all the trimmings in bowls, family style, on the table.

This young man is the fiancee of one of our nieces and the almost newest member of the family.

To the left is Steve, Pauline's husband, chatting with Matt.


This is Tricia's daughter, Kristin, engaged to Matt.

They live in London and are the dears who loaned us their brand new flat for a week while they were in Scotland on holiday earlier in the year.


The table had two sides of course, that's me next to Pauline and then Bob, Rod's school friend who lives in Brazil now, then Glen, Kristin's brother and Tricia's son, Caroline, Brenda and Les (more cousins). Behind us you can see the window areas that are open to the rest of the pub.


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